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Kathryn's Top 4 Reasons for having a Second Shooter

So you've started the search for the wedding photographer of your dreams. You've received a pricing guide and you see the option to add a "second shooter" to your package. What in the world does this mean, you might ask? Why would I need a second shooter at my wedding?

Well...a second shooter is exactly what it sounds like, another photographer on-site during your big day! The second shooter will take photos throughout the day and then your lead photographer edits the images to help tell the story of your big day. The second shooter is there to capture another perspective that will compliment your lead shooter.

No, they won't be taking photos from the same angle as the lead photographer, but they will be mirroring the lead to add variety to your final gallery.

Here my top 4 reasons for adding a second shooter to your wedding day package.

(1.) Variety of angles

When it comes to having a second shooter, a variety of angles is always a bonus! Don't worry, the second shooter won't be in the same place at the same time as your lead photographer. The second shooter is there to compliment the lead by offering different perspectives and to capture the details.

Take these two shots for instance, both photographers were

on opposite sides during the ceremony.

(2.) Those special moments that may have gone missed

Okayyy, this one is my favorites. I don't know how many times I have had a second shooter capturing a photograph of your dad crying during speeches or an emotional embrace of you and your grandma. Your second shooter will be there to capture those special moments that you didn't even know were happening!!

(3.) Your best backup

Now, this has never happened to me (knock on wood), but it has happened and the reason why we have second shooters. In the case that an SD card corrupts and images are lost, your second was there to capture the moment as a backup and you will still receive images from your wedding day. On the other hand, if something were to ever happen to your lead...car accident, hospitalized, kidnapped! (just kidding on that one...), you NEVER KNOW! Your mind will be at some ease knowing that you still have a photographer that will be there on your wedding day. Now, I would NEVER want this to happen but WHAT IF IT DID!! What a comfort in knowing that you still had a backup!

(4.) Being in two places at once

We all know that your photographer can't be in two places at once. If you and your partner are getting ready in different areas....let alone different sides of town, this will help alleviate time from your selected package and both photographers can capture events happening at the same time.

Talk soon!


Kathryn is an Okanagan and Kamloops based weddings and elopement photographer.