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Here are my top 8 tips for planning your wedding!

1. Start the planning right away

When it comes to planning your big day, enjoy the process! If you are planning for a wedding within the year, get started right away. You will find that vendors book within 1 to 2 years. Don't miss out on that photographer or DJ that you've been wanting to book.

2. Set your budget

I cannot stress this enough, set a budget! It doesn't have to be exact right now but find out what you and your partner can afford. Do some research and find out what you want vs what you need. Sometimes it can get overwhelming when you want all the bells and whistles but then you realize that you can't afford it.

3. Plan your invite list

It's a great idea to get a sense of who you want to invite and how many guests you want to have your wedding. Have the conversation on whether or not you plan to invite your cousins on again off again girlfriend, or that friend you rarely see. Ultimate do you, I understand that struggle of feeling like you HAVE to invite someone. Having a sense of whether or not you have 100 guests or 180 guests will determine your venue.

4. Pick a date (have a second as a backup)

Plan for your wedding date to match what you envision for your day. Do you want a hot summer night, cool fall colours, or a winter wonderland wedding? Picking a date can be as simple as selecting a special month for you both or just a time of year that you enjoy the most.

5. Select a venue

Picking a venue can sometimes be overwhelming, considering there are lots of options. Pick a venue that meets your needs. Do you want to get married outside, in a ballroom, or a courtyard? Another great tip, find out if your venue provides catering, this will help you plan both venue and catering in one.

6. Book your photographer!

When it comes down to picking a photographer, figure out what's most important to you when it comes to style, vibe, and overall experience. Sure, you could hire someone to show up and take pictures, but do you jive with them? You will be spending your whole day together! Book a photographer that you can see yourself enjoying your time with.

7. Pick your wedding party

Planning on who will get to join you down the aisle can be hard. Sure, you might have 12 REALLY close friends and sure you might decide to have 12 people on your side, but I recommend you pick those who you want to ultimate spend your day with.

8. Get excited!

And finally, just be excited to be engaged and to plan the best part of the year! I won't lie to you, it will get stressful at times and there will be a lot of people with their feedback. Just enjoy the process.

Talk soon!



Kathryn is an Okanagan and Kamloops based weddings and elopement photographer.